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create in slate with silver elements, jewelry or other


Create in slate with silver elements, jewelry or other.

To create in slate is easier than most people think and very rewarding. You use common tools for metal; hacksaw, various files, knives to scrape or deepen with, emery cloth, metal drill bits for drilling and so on.
You learn the basics quickly and then it's up to you what you create.

All participation is at your own responsibility and with your own insurance.


I jewelry sculptor Göran is your guide and since you are no more than four at the most you get out much of the time. I also use slate and silver to create design objects and sculptures in addition to jewelry, the border between them is often very thin.
The workshop is combined for slate and silver, so there is every possibility of combining these two materials that work so well together. Gradually, as you learn more, you can create jewelry or other objects that you did not anticipated before.
Do not wear your best clothes but apron you borrow from me.

workshopworkshop create own Three hours creation 2014;
350 SEK + base material* 50 SEK /participant, 3 hours, max 4 participants.
*if a lot of material is used especially silver this will be added.

All day creation 2014;
800 SEK + base material* 50 SEK /participant, 9-16, max 4 participants.
*if a lot of material is used especially silver this will be added.

Or as otherwise agreed.

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