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sculpted jewelry

sculpted jewelryI use the term “sculpted jewelry” because the process of making jewelry is an extension of my former work as a sculptor, and to me it's all sculpture. Whether I am sculpting on a large scale, or creating jewelry sculpture it is all the same creative process, just on a different scale.

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silver slate

silver slate

For centuries, man has been using materials such as silver and slate to make beautiful things. The ancient objective was to honor or influence the powers that one believed in.

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technical - esthetical

photo: Maja Edberg

I am a detailed person who sees things in a unique way which allows me to draw inspiration from the objects around me. Within me there is a feeling that there is a story to be told, and my sculpted jewelry is a deeply personal way of expressing these stories through my knowledge and experience.

Throughout my life I have always been interested in two prime concepts: technical and esthetical. The play between these two has always been there, neither one nor the other separated, but both technical-esthetical joined in a balance, dancing together at the same time. This interplay between hard structure and fluid creativity is an example of life, and life itself is a source of inspiration.

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interview with radio SBS Australia

strandDuring my stay in New Zealand I was interviewed by Jonan Gabrielsson at radio SBS Australia.

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article by whats-your-sign

whats-your-sign.comA.Venefica who runs the site whats-your-sign (she has several other sites as well) has intervied me for her site, as my sculpted jewelry interest her in her work with symbols and signs.

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