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pendant with love-happiness-plenty for Lovisa, pl_l016

3268 gr
50 cm 
15.02 20130712

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pendant with loved children for Johanna, pl_j015

big small hand


The most important thing is that you are a good and loving parent every day.
Then you create the best conditions for a life-long, positive relationship with your child.

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bracelet with tAKiDA for Lovisa, ak_l005


The name tAKiDA comes from a Japanese cartoon character Silver Fang, which they liked very much, so they took it as the band's name.


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brooch/pendant for Skaraborg bl_s021

Destination Skaraborg, it is not only ancient remains in Skaraborgsights and attractions that draw visitors to Skaraborg. It is as much the roads and the beautiful trails that turns Skaraborg into a destination, or goal.
In this landscape you are traveling slowly.

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ring with legetøj (danish, toy) for Gunvor, rl_g020

Pieter Bruegel
Pieter Bruegel 1560

A toy (legetøj in Danish) is an object whose purpose or primary use is to be played with. Toys are usually associated with children and pets, but it is not unusual for adult humans and some non-domestic animals to play with toys. Many articles have been made in order to act as a toy, but other items made with other purposes in mind, can also function as a toy.

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necklace with parts of completion for Catherine, hl_c033

At completion, All is really one.

An organism's life cycle is all the changes it
undergoes from birth to death. Among some
organism's the life cycle is short and includes
only a few different stages, while other organism's
may have a long and complicated life cycle that
extends over several years.

Some organism's reproduce only once and
thereafter die. For such organism's marks
reproduction thereby the completion of the
life cycle. Other organism's have a life cycle
with multiple opportunities to produce offspring,
by the capacity for reproduction continues, often
throughout their lives.


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necklace encircling Catherine, hl_c032

The circle is a symbol for the time.
It covers everything that has been, everything that is and all that will be and is through this a symbol for the destiny, each individual's fate and the fate of the universe.
At the same, the circle also is a symbol of timelessness because it has no beginning and no end.
As O the circle is full, it contains everything, but is yet empty, for each one to provide its own content.
That people all over the world have built their houses round is not because it is easier to build round, but because the house is a symbol of the cosmos, a thumbnail of the bigger picture.

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necklace with and for Kinnekulle, hl_k030

Kinnekulle consists of five stored rocks on bedrock.
From them you can read our planet's history, perhaps 540 million years back.
That's when the first, primitive animals appeared in the sea and many of them left as fossils in the sandstone. Considerably younger and more complex are the animals you can see as trilobites and orthoceratiter in the limestone layer.
A memory rhyme that one learned in school to remember Kinnekulle layers of rock were:
U.S. Category 3, primary rock, sandstone, shale, limestone, shale, and Trapp.


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necklace with ostrich feather for Margareta, hl_m029

A spring is an outgrowth of a bird's skin, consisting of the protein keratin. Birds are the only now living animals that have feathers and most birds have them all over, except on the legs, beak and orbital ring. The bird's feathers are a prerequisite to enable it to able to fly but they also serve as thermal insulation.
The number of feathers on a bird varies, mainly because of the bird's size. A swallow has about 1,500 feathers and a swan has about 25000th.
The feather shaft runs up the middle of the feather, a little off center. On either side of the shaft is the large flat feather vane. This is the flight surface. The vane of the feather is formed of many individual feather barbs. Adjacent barbs are hooked together with a series of microscopic hooks, like velcro.

In some birds, like ostriches, the barbs are not zipped together, so that the feather barbs fall free in a fluffy mass. Would you expect this arrangement to work very well as a flight feather?

rhea ostrich

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brooch with a hedgehog in the nest for Karina, bl_k020

In summer, the hedgehog has no nest but sleeps where it receives protection, such as in piles of leaves, under a tree root or in a compost heap.
Hedgehog is heavily dependent on good wintering sites as it seeks out a suitable place to hibernate.
It decorates the nest with moss, grass or leaves and then go to sleep all winter long. A hedgehog may have about 6000-7000 tags and weigh from 0.5 to 1.3 kg.

hedgehog's nest

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