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sculpted art

art before 2008 can be found here > (in swedish)

NEE-yoo MO-na-der, k_008

NEE-yoo MO-na-der NEE-yoo MO-na-der
Sculpture for a new human.

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FA-sta PUNK-ter, k_007

FA-sta PUNK-ter

FA-sta PUNK-ter
Sculpture for Skaraborg.

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FROO MAHN, k_006

Sculpture for a new couple.

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TRAY ahv SHU, k_005

Sculpture for a small well laid garden.

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ayr den OO-yay-nawm-TRENG-lee, k_004

The mysticism of the number three is built on that number three is sacred in many cultures. It also appears in many fairytales, myths and legends. In many cultures the even numbers represent the material, like earth and body while the uneven numbers represent the spiritual like life and soul. Three is what you get if you add the first uneven number with the first even number, in this way it's given an extra magic touch.

ayr den OO-yay-nawm-TRENG-lee

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treenighetens ra-PAWRT, k_003

The artwork at the parish house in Stehag is a combination of my earlier work as sculptor and the present as jewelry sculptor, the materials is silver and slate.


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jubilee edition, k_002

Jubilee edition 2007, 5edition, konstrundan mittskåne
digitalt print on plexiglas, 500*350mm

jubileumsutgåva, k_002

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fa-MEEL-ya, k_001

Slate and silver
250*250mm about 10mm high

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     life has no goal, it's a journey
livets saker
livets saker here >
important things in life (in swedish)